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I finally got around to making a trailer for my upcoming flash game Ultimate Nightmare.

For those who don't know, Ultimate Nightmare is a dark-themed game that has its game properties changed every single level. One level you can be running fast and jumping high, and the next you could be running slow and jumping low.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the trailer.

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I'm NOT a furry!!!

2009-06-19 13:19:32 by DemitriousDoom

Almost everyone who knows who I am (including people off this site) thinks I want to yiff. Just because I have Sonic fan characters does NOT make me a yiffing furry! Those characters are only for gaming purposes. I do not, or even wish to, fap to animals, even ones I draw.


In need of a programmer

2009-05-15 18:22:40 by DemitriousDoom

Man, this sucks. pretty much all the programmers have been taken. Now I need to look in other sites. Well, hopefully I'll find someone.

If there really are people who are interested in being the programmer for my game, then send me a PM.

Ultimate Nightmare Demo out now!

2008-12-07 21:37:21 by DemitriousDoom

The demo of my first actual game, Ultimate Nightmare, is now out! You can go play it here!
Ultimate Nightmare Demo

Tell me what you think of the game, as well as suggest some ideas to improve the game!

As many of you are now aware of, I've been working on Super Smash Gore for a few years. Well, the reason it's taking so long is because I've completely changed it. From now on, Super Smash Gore will be known as Ultimate Nightmare. And aside from the name, the plot and gameplay has changed as well, but the main character is still the same.

The main plot is that some bizarre creature has crash landed on the planet Denrai that turns the entire planet into nothing but a gruesome nightmare. Losing his mother from the creature, Demetrious Doom, AKA Atom, loses his temper and searches out for the creature responsible. Little does he know that once he faces the creature for the first time ever, his life, as well as his personality, will be changed forever.

As for the gameplay, there will be 10 levels per game (there's more than likely going to be 4 or more) and there'll be 5 parts to each level, and every few levels, the way you play the game will be altered. Buttons and controls will be changed, added, and removed for every few levels, as well as new enemies and obstacles. That being said, don't expect every level to have the same gameplay as the last one.

Even though the game's been changed to something I didn't quite had in mind for my first game, I still feel that it'll be the best thing I ever make. Also, on the screenshot, those arrows at the bottom are for going to levels. They obviously won't be in the main game. I'm just using them so i can get to levels that I'm working on faster.

Smash Gore has been changed greatly.

Paper Sonic in progress

2008-07-02 23:55:06 by DemitriousDoom

Welp, I finally decided to do a big project that I can make without the help of my tablet, since the pen for it broke. It's called "Paper Sonic". Obviously it's Sonic themed within the Paper universe. It probably isn't an original idea, but the plot will be original...I think. Anyway, since I want it to have that Paper Mario feel, Sonic won't be talking, characters will use text bubbles when they speak, and most characters will have their own unique look to them. In other words, I'll be adding fan characters. I'll start off with mine until the series will get known well enough to start asking if anyone wants their character to make an appearance. Each chapter will have 3 parts. The first one will be half of Sonic's part of the chapter, the second one will be the other half, and the third part will be about Other people like Eggman or something. As for the design, it'll have to be simple until I get a working pen for my tablet. Then when I do get one, I'll switch on over to the Sonic Adventure style to give it a more Sonic feel.

This project's probably a should I put this...dumb. But I don't care. I really need something to do.

Paper Sonic in progress

Welp, my girlfriend had cheated on me...again...and she said it's best we don't be together. I tried to say otherwise, until she said there's a good chance she won't live from open-heart surgery. So, well, I guess that's it. We had a good run, but it's time to move on. The last thing I did before I got away was tell my girlfriend's brother to help her think positive, and to help her think that she'll live through the surgery. I'm single once again, and well, I really don't know what to do now. It's, well, strange. Oh well. I'll manage, I guess.

Just testing it out, no biggie.

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I've decided to work on a theme for XP. It's called iVista, where Windows Vista and Mac is combined into one theme. The problem is though, I didn't know there were THAT many images to make, and if I do all that on my own, I would lose my will power pretty quickly. I am still wanting to make this theme though, so if you read this, please help me out. Thanks.

Working on theme, need assistence.

Finally got a tablet!!!

2007-12-27 17:32:21 by DemitriousDoom

HA!!! YES!!! Good thing I wasn't selected to be given a tablet on here, cause my parents already got me one! YAY!!!! Ahh, I'm so happy. I'm allready better at drawing than I was when I used the mouse! Ahh...tis a good day!!